Why does Course Hero ask for your School or College Name?

When you create an account on Course Hero, they will ask you to enter your school, college, or university name. Course Hero asks for your School or College Name to give you all the documents on their website under your university name and provide a better user experience for the users who have Subscribed to their service.

So, Course Hero asks for your School or College name to serve you better and not to Snitch and Notify your school or college.

Course Hero provides access to study materials, tutoring services, and other resources to help students succeed academically.

Many students across the globe find it a helpful resource, and some may worry that their school will or might be notified if they use the site.

However, this is simply not the case.

Let us try to understand the situation better.

Course Hero takes the privacy of its users seriously and entirely refrains from sharing any type of personal information with third parties, including schools, colleges and universities.

In fact, it is clearly mentioned on Course Hero that they are not sponsored or endorsed by any college or University.

The company states that student privacy is a top priority and does not share personal information with third parties without the student’s consent.

This means that even if your school, College or University requests Course Hero about your information from Course Hero, they will never provide it to them.

Additionally, Course Hero has measures to ensure that its users can use the platform anonymously by assigning every user a unique name.

For example, students can use a pseudonym while creating an account on Course Hero and when posting or requesting materials on the site, which helps protect their privacy and identity.

So, students can rest assured that they can use Course Hero without worrying about their school finding out.

To avoid any harmful consequences, you should use Course Hero with precautions.

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