Can You Get in Trouble For Using Course Hero?

Potential legal issues associated with using Course Hero include copyright infringement and academic dishonesty.

Copyright infringement is a violation of intellectual property rights and occurs when someone uses, reproduces, or distributes copyrighted material without permission from the copyright owner. Course Hero contains a vast database of study materials, including textbooks, articles, and other copyrighted materials often uploaded by other students without permission. Therefore, accessing and downloading these materials from Course Hero can potentially result in copyright infringement, leading to legal action by the copyright owner.

Academic dishonesty is another potential legal issue associated with using Course Hero. Many universities and educational institutions consider Course Hero as a form of academic dishonesty, as it encourages students to cheat on exams and plagiarize assignments. If caught, students who use Course Hero to cheat or plagiarize can face penalties such as failing the course, suspension, or even expulsion from their academic institution. In some cases, legal action can also be taken against the student for violating the educational integrity policies of the institution.

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